'Buzzing' About Cold Brew Cocktails

Posted by Payton DeMaster on Feb 21, 2019 11:55:00 AM

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Today, brunch is more than a meal, it's a lifestyle. It's no longer strange for people to enjoy a few coffee cocktails or mimosas before 12 P.M.—and how can restaurants not love this new lifestyle? The more cocktails ordered, the higher the bill! So, what will happen when you start mixing up cold brew cocktails? Customers will start buzzing about how great your restaurant is, and they are sure to return for more!

Why Cold Brew?

From 2011–2016, cold brew sales increased by 580%, and continue to rise year-by-year (NCA). Regular cold brew consumers know the difference between iced coffee and cold brew (Read Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee, What's the Difference? ). Cold brew is viewed as the premium product. Thus, it is appropriate to charge a higher price for it. On average, customers say they are willing to pay $0.50–$1.00 more for cold brew than iced coffee. 

Cold Brew is also extremely easy to make and store. When properly refrigerated, this beverage can have a shelf-life up to seven days. Simply serve it as a concentrate, or dilute it with water to make it last longer. See the process on how to make cold brew here

Who's Drinking Cold Brew?

All ages have started consuming cold brew, but those in the millennial generation have taken on the trend the strongest, with about 54% of them drinking cold brew. According to an article published in 2018 by The Huffington Post, "the social media 'buzz' about brunch comes from those 25 and younger," To this generation, brunch is less of a celebration, and more of a normal weekend activity usually celebrated with mimosas or specialty coffee, read more about this here

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How do you Make Cold Brew Cocktails?

Due to the less acidic and strong flavor of cold brew, it mixes well with flavored liquor and dairy products. Some common recipes include a cold brew white Russian or chocolate and brandy flavored cold brew. Cold brew can be incorporated with pretty much any recipe you desire! More than 87% of people are interested in flavored cold brew, while 50% of consumers already add flavor to their cold brew. Download our cold brew recipe book for some inspiration when creating your own cold brew cocktails. 

Cold brew is a premium drink that continues to gain popularity and spike peoples interest. Is it time to get your customers buzzing with cold brew at your restaurant? We have so many cold brew resources to help your business grow! Check them out here

Cheers & Happy Brunching!

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