Five Easy Tricks to Make your Buffet Table go from Boring to Beautiful

Posted by Payton DeMaster on Aug 17, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Drinks are served and dinner is cooking- the party has begun. Everything tastes incredible and the smells from the kitchen are making people hungry, but how do you display the meal so it looks as delicious as it tastes? We've all heard the saying, "you eat with your eyes first." If guests are expecting a luxurious meal and all they see is a mediocre display, they might not perceive your food as well as you hoped. There are many ways to enhance your presentation and make it more visually appealing. Here are five tricks to make your buffet table top-notch.

SWP_Glam-D_5X71) Make Clear Water Pitchers Colorful with Fruit

An extra pop of color, or a few lemon slices can go a long way. It may seem almost too simple, but the presentation of this display will not only visually appear stronger, but it will also add more variety to the table. A clear pitcher is a great option since it allows guests to see the beverage content in each pitcher.


GIU Setup

2) Etched Table Tents

Let your clients know what you are serving with laser-cut table tents. This adds a simple, easy, and classy look to the table without cluttering it with messy paper signs. Some common uses for these signs include differentiating coffee brews, creamers, or juices. 




3) Use Trays and Risers to Declutter the Table

Stainless steel trays can help showcase your buffet in a more high-end fashion. This not only creates a great visual, it also creates space between items for a less cluttered table. Risers also have the same effect. Guests will enjoy being able to fill up their plates and glasses without feeling overwhelmed by too many options. 


zepe buffet cropped

4) Add Greenery to the Table

Flowers are absolutely beautiful, and are a really easy decoration to incorporate into a buffet table. Try to find some space on the table where you can brighten it up with flowers, succulents, or other greenery.




High-end_buffet1-flipped5) Use a Neutral Colored Table Cloth 

This may be the easiest trick in the books. Use a solid colored tablecloth to showcase your meal and equipment. If you use too vibrant of a color, or too busy of a pattern, it may overwhelm your guests, and make the table feel cluttered, rather than organized and professional. 



These tricks are not meant to be challenging. Give one a try at your next event and see for yourself the positive effect it has on your buffet table. 

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