Highlights from the 2021 Service Ideas Catalog

The year 2020 was difficult for the foodservice industry and we are excited to put a piece of 2020 behind us with the release of the 2021 Service Ideas Book. This edition is a monumental one for us, as it honors our milestone anniversary of 75 years in business.

Several exciting new products were just revealed in the catalog, including a redesign of the first Service Ideas product, an all-new modular airpot display system, the new Safe Service Ideas products, and more. Each of the new products sets out to make the lives of food and beverage service professionals easier and allow them to shine at what they do best—delighting people with food and beverage.

For over 75 years, Service Ideas has been a brand that strives for quality and stands out among other manufacturers. That's because every new product we develop begins with the question, "how can we be better?", and then manufactured to ensure it meets our customer's expectations in both quality and price. 

Let me introduce you to the amazing Service Ideas products making their debut in 2021:

The Push-For-Service Light


Featured on this year's cover and the star of the show is our redesigned Push-for-Service Light. This item was originally brought to the foodservice industry by the founder of Service Ideas, Art Murray, and it's been a longtime goal to bring it back to life for our 75th Anniversary. 

This product is even more relevant in today's world, as we are seeing table service change during the pandemic, and a desire to provide good service with less frequency or proximity has emerged.

Now you can be attentive to your guests while keeping a comfortable distance. Simply set a Push-for-Service Light on each table to give patrons the ability to signal waitstaff when service is needed.

Jump to page 117 of the catalog for more details!


Build-Your-Own Airpot Display System


The new and improved Build-Your-Own Airpot Display System features six drip-tray and condiment organizer modules. Mix and match in endless combinations for your ideal coffee station! Fits all Service Ideas airpots as well as our popular S2SN100 SteelVac™ Creamer. 

Also available are four pre-designed starter kits to help you get started. See all of the modules and kits of this new product line on pages 54 & 55 of the catalog.


Safe Service Ideas


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the way we gather and serve food and beverage. Increased awareness of sanitizing and new protocols in foodservice settings were introduced and will likely stick for some time.

In an effort to help you reopen with these new protocols in mind, we launced a line of Safe Service Ideas that includes sanitation dispensers, stands, laser-cut table tents, as well as a complete offering of hands-free spigots for our large capacity beverage dispensers.

See all of our Safe Service Ideas on pages 10-13 of the catalog for more details.


Double Wall Bell Pitcher


In 2019, we developed a double-wall insulated version of our Slim Pitcher. This year, we are expanding our double-wall insulated pitcher offerings to include our popular bell-shaped model.

This attractive pitcher holds 44 oz. of liquid and is especially great for outdoor table service to reduce condensation and sweating. The ergonomically designed rounded handle keeps hands comfortable through service.

Jump to pages 96 & 97 of the catalog for more details.


16" Metallic Elements Trays


Our 14" Metallic Elements Trays introduced in 2020 were so nice we had to add another size! Now you can get your favorite metallic tones in a large 16" size, great for buffet displays and event service. A removable silicone insert makes this tray easy to clean and sanitize. Completely dishwasher safe and NSF listed for commercial use.

See all of our Metallic Elements Trays on page 126 of the catalog.


New Digital Flip-Book Available

This year we published a digital flip-book of our product catalog. This digital version comes with an improved online reading experience, as well as embedded videos and links to more product information. 

Start reading the digital version of our 2021 catalog here, or request a printed copy at this link.




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