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Bob Cymbolin in his So. California office.


Cymco Sales & Marketing
Territory: Southern California


Service Ideas Sales Recognitions:
President's Award, 2022
Home Run Close, 2021

We spoke with Bob Cymbolin at Cymco Sales & Marketing, to get an inside look at his experience as a foodservice manufacturers' representative.

Q: How did you get your start in the foodservice industry?

A: My first job in foodservice was actually on a ship. I was 18 years old and became a Merchant Seaman on the great lakes. I worked in the galley serving food to crew members and cleaning Lots of stainless!


Q: Can you give me a brief history of Cymco Sales & Marketing as well as your history with the company and as a foodservice representative?

A: Like most people in the foodservice business, when COVID hit I had some difficult decisions to make. The company I worked for let almost everyone go so I contacted a few of the companies I had a good relationship with, like Service Ideas, and put a plan together to represent them and started Cymco Sales & Marketing.


Q: How many people work at Cymco Sales & Marketing?

A: Two. My wife Elizabeth and I work at Cymco Sales.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The best part of my job has always been meeting with end users and showing product! You get a chance to meet new people, see different types of foodservice operations, and then show features and benefits of products that will fit their needs. It is a relationship business and I love it!


Q: What does your typical day look like?

A: My day starts with a double shot expresso which prepares me for responding to emails and returning phone calls first thing AM. I try not to leave too long of a voicemail, but sometimes that espresso gets the best of me! Living in So. California I try to plan my calls taking traffic into consideration. This means working a geographic area where I know I can be the most efficient. I meet with distributor salespeople, end users, and corporate office locations. Later in the day, I’m back in my office to finish off my follow-up.


Q: What does your typical customer look like?

A: Fortunately, living in So. California, I have the luxury of calling on all types of customers—from Multiunit to Convention Centers and everything in between.

I personally have always gravitated towards the full-service hotel business. These customers typically use more upscale products in larger quantities with budgets to support the purchase.


Q: What types of products do you sell the most of?

A: I have spent most of my career selling Tabletop and front-of-the-house products. Today it’s Service Ideas products along with China, Banquet Tables, and some back-of-the-house items.


Q: What foodservice sales territory do you cover?

A: Southern California and Las Vegas.


Q: You were the recipient of the 2022 Service Ideas Presidents Award. What are some things you do in your daily work that contributes to the impact you have on your customers and the manufacturers you work with?

A: Communication and follow-up! I get back to people right away with the answers they need so the sales/service process can move forward.

When I started Cymco Sales I decided to represent a small number of companies that I believed in and I knew provided both excellent products and customer service. It’s a group of companies that I truly feel connected to. This allows me to confidently work with both distributor salespeople and end users every day. I value and respect these relationships and I think that comes through in my work.

Bob Cymbolin_Pres Award


Q: What are your all-time favorite Service Ideas products?

A: Wow, that’s a tough one. What is really my favorite is the story of how Service Ideas was started. No matter how many times I hear it, I think it is a fantastic story of how someone who liked to invent things combined with a passion for providing a memorable dining experience turned into the 75+-year-old company we know today as Service Ideas. I think it’s also pretty cool that the family still owns Murray’s Steakhouse which celebrated its 75th anniversary and keeps them connected to the operator side of the business. The Silver Butter Knife Steak is the Best!


Q: What is your favorite new 2023 Service Ideas product?

A: My favorite 2023 Service Ideas product is the line of Black Onyx products. It’s a great example of taking items that are already tried and true winners and giving them a whole new look by changing the finish. You can choose from beautiful Insulated Coffee Servers, Water Pitchers, Beverage Dispenser, Tray and Accessories.

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