Spice it up! Creative Cold Brew Recipes

Posted by Service Ideas on Dec 18, 2018 12:05:00 PM

Some like their coffee black, while others like a little cream and sugar with their coffee. Did you know that 87% of cold brew consumers are interested in flavored cold brew? Not only that, but 50% of consumers already add flavor to their cold brew! Introducing new cold brew recipes to your restaurant has the ability to intrigue your customers, but can also increase your profit margin—name two things that sound better than that! 

Cold Brew is unique because it can be used to make cold or hot drinks. It can be used as  a coffee concentrate for a strong coffee flavor or diluted to weaken coffee flavor. With this knowledge, a variety of recipes can be made that include alcohol, fruit, spices, herbs, and syrups. Below, we share two of our favorite homemade recipes. Download our full Cold Brew Recipe Book for more delicious recipes. 


Cold Brew_Spice of life

Want to introduce more cold brew recipes into your restaurant, or simply get creative for yourself? Download the full recipe book today!

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Source: Webinar: Cold Brew Coffee: Why is it so "Hot?", www.ncausa.org 

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