Different Uses for Bar Carts & Trolleys

Bar carts and trolleys have become increasingly popular in the hospitality industry due to their versatility and functionality. Not only do these mobile units add an element of style to any establishment, but they also serve a variety of purposes. Here are some unique and captivating ways that bar carts and trolleys can be utilized in restaurants and hotels:

1. Room service

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Carts and trolleys are perfect for delivering meals and beverages directly to guests' rooms. With their spacious shelves and compartments, they can easily transport trays of food, refreshments, and even breakfast in bed setups. This ensures a convenient and efficient room service experience for guests. Our favorite trolley for room service is the Ze Pé Practico. It's compact and comes with everything you need to deliver a delicious meal.


2. Wine service

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Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of a bar cart or trolley dedicated to wine service. These carts can be stocked with a selection of wines, wine glasses, decanters, and other accessories. This allows staff to effortlessly cater to guests' wine preferences, enhancing the overall dining experience. Ze Pé carts come with many tops and accessories to transform your cart into the perfect wine service trolley.


3. Cheese and charcuterie

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Another delightful use for bar carts and trolleys is for presenting cheese and charcuterie boards. The carts can be equipped with a variety of cheeses, cured meats, crackers, and condiments. This mobile setup not only adds a touch of sophistication to the dining area but also allows guests to indulge in a customizable and interactive culinary experience. Add the chilled cheese top to any of the Ze Pé carts to transform it into a specialty cheese and meat trolley.


4. Dessert presentation

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Bar carts and trolleys can also be transformed into dessert stations. Pastry chefs can showcase their creations on these mobile units, offering a visually appealing display of delectable treats. From decadent cakes to delicate pastries, these carts can be an enticing focal point for guests looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Add the roll-top chilled dessert top to create a beautiful and functional dessert trolley.


5. Table bussing

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In addition to their decorative and functional uses, bar carts and trolleys can also assist in table bussing. Staff can easily maneuver these carts around the restaurant or hotel, collecting used dishes, glassware, and utensils. This streamlines the process of clearing tables and ensures a clean and organized dining environment for patrons. The Ze Pé Antigraffio Trolley is the perfect high-end utility cart, with anti-scratch qualities and heavy-duty castors to keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently.


By incorporating bar carts and trolleys into the operations of restaurants and hotels, establishments can elevate their service offerings and create memorable experiences for guests. From room service to dessert presentations, the versatility of these mobile units is truly remarkable. So next time you visit a restaurant or hotel, keep an eye out for these stylish and practical additions that enhance the overall dining and hospitality experience.


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