Introducing our newest partners — Stanley® Commercial Products

If you have ever seen a Stanley® server, you would recognize it anywhere. Their distinctive design makes them easy to pick out from a crowd, and we are so excited to be the sole distributor of their line in North America. Below are the products we will carry for their line and a little bit of info on each.

What You Should Know About the Whole Collection…

  • CleanCoat® Finish — fingerprint resistant
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • No drip lip
  • NSF Certified
  • 5 Year Warranty

ErgoServ® Line


Available in a 0.6, 1 & 1.5 Liter capacity. Replacement lids are available with flavor indicator circles in the lid arm.

Cold Beverage Pitcher

Can be used for water, iced tea or any cold beverage. Available in a 1.9 Liter capacity, this server boasts a condensation-free construction, so you needn’t worry about water spots and sweating.

Creamer Carafe

Designed specifically for dairy products, this creamer has content indicator socks that can slip on the lid arm for easy identification. Socks are available in 4 colors: Blue for Skim, Gray for Soy, Red for Whole & Purple for Cream. Available in a 1 Liter capacity.

Tea Carafe

Comes with a built-in removable tea infuser, but can also be used for coffee and other hot beverages. Can work with the same replacement lids as the Carafes with the flavor indicator circles in the lid arm. Available in a 1 Liter capacity.

Brew-In Carafe — Low & Tall Profile

Keeps coffee hot for 2 hours and the Low Profile is a great alternative to glass bowl carafes in the same footprint space. The Tall Profile is compatible with most airpot brewers. Goes from under the brewer to the tabletop elegantly. Replacement heads are available with built-in content indicators. Available in a 1.9 Liter capacity.

(From top to bottom): Carafes, Gold Beverage Pitcher, Creamer with Socks, Tea Carafe, Brew in,   Stainless Lined Airpots 

ErgoServ® Airpots Stainless Steel-Lined

Utilizes FerroStat™ insulation technology in a durable yet elegant design that compliments the carafe line. Replacement heads are available with built-in beverage content indicators. Lever lid arm constructed from a durable die-cast zinc. Available in 2.2, 2.5 & 3 Liter capacities.

We’re sure you’ll find a server or airpot to fit your needs within this great line. To receive a Stanley® Commercial catalog, or a copy of our 2011 Catalog that includes the Stanley® line, contact us at: or call us at 800-328-4493.

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