Seven Creative Coffee Drinks to Feature at Your Cafe

Sep 29, 2018

Get that chalk or memo board out and feature a new and delicious coffee drink! It is almost mandatory to have featured drinks at local coffee shops now— it may be the first thing someone sees when...

Case Study: How the Flame Free™ Thermo-Urns™ Improved Coffee Service for a Las Vegas Casino

Sep 13, 2018


Executive Summary

When SLS Las Vegas moved in to replace the Sahara Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, it was the perfect time to evaluate thermal beverageware options to accommodate the...

Five Easy Tricks to Make your Buffet Table go from Boring to Beautiful

Aug 17, 2018

Drinks are served and dinner is cooking- the party has begun. Everything tastes incredible and the smells from the kitchen are making people hungry, but how do you display the meal so it looks as...

Four Growing Beverage Trends You Don't Want to Miss Out On

Jul 26, 2018

From glitter coffee to spinach smoothies, beverage trends are unique and always changing. Some stay, and some go. It is important to understand which trends have been around, and which ones will...

Don't Toss Out That Milk! Three Ways to Tell if Your Carafe is Safe for Dairy

Jul 17, 2018

Busy coffee shops can go through as many as six gallons of dairy products an hour—and just at the condiment bar alone! There's no question that coffee drinkers love to add milk to their morning...

Four Popular Coffee Brewing Techniques

Jul 10, 2018

Are you a coffee fanatic, or simply interested in the evolution of coffee? Well, you're not the only one. Coffee is the second most popular beverage (behind water). Nowadays, there are so many...

Top Rated Products for Office Coffee Service (OCS)

Mar 29, 2018

Get the most out of your Office Coffee Service (OCS) offerings. Below are some of our favorite products for office coffee programs—many with customization options, using wraps, etching, or pad...

What it Means To Be A Women-Owned Business

Mar 08, 2018

Service Ideas is a proud certified WBENC women-owned and operated company for five years and counting.

Customize Your Serviceware with Printing and Etching

Jan 26, 2018

Our Products, Your Way

Customizing your serviceware with pad printing and etching allows you to have a Service Ideas product that is uniquely yours.

Creative Uses for Your Stainless Steel Growler

Jan 17, 2018

Growlers have been used in the beer industry to transport beer from the local pub since the late 1800s. What began as a concept of a simple covered galvanized pail has now evolved into glass jugs...

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