Fall Pairings: Serving Vessels and Fall Beverages

Posted by Payton DeMaster on Sep 9, 2019 10:40:00 AM

Where did summer go?! The leaves are starting to turn form green to red, the breeze is chilly, and pumpkin spice is trending again! As the seasons change, so do popular seasonal beverages. It's important to properly serve these beverages in the right serving vessels so they stay fresh, remain hot, and taste amazing. We paired four popular fall beverages with four of our most popular serving vessels.

Here are our pairings...


Hot Coffee + Thermal Container

Coffee is around for all seasons, however, nothing can beat a fresh cup of hot coffee in a chilly breeze. One of the best ways to serve fresh hot coffee is with a thermal container. Our Thermal Containers are constructed with 18/8 stainless steel and black plastic, and a quality stainless steel vacuum insulated chamber for over 6 hours of heat retention. Depending on the capacity you're looking for, you can find a pot that holds anywhere from 1- to 2-gallons. Easily dispense the liquid from a lockable spigot and watch it steam from the nozzle long after it was brewed.

If you're looking for a smaller vessel to serve coffee in, we recommend the Brew 'N' Pour® Decanter. The stainless vacuum insulation keeps coffee hot for 4–6 hours with no hot plate! Easy for staff or customers to help themselves.


Apple Cider + Airpot

You know it's truly fall when the jugs of apple cider start appearing in stores and stadiums. Serving homemade apple cider in an airpot is the ideal way to keep the beverage hot and tasting fresh. Our Signa-Air Airpots are available with either a glass liner, for a heat retention of 6–8 hours, or a stainless liner, for a heat retention of 4–6 hours. We have several different sizes of airpots ranging form 1.9 liters to 3.7 liters. If you're feeling crazy, possibly even spike the apple cider with a little bourbon by adding it right into the airpot.


Hot Chocolate + Carafe

Who doesn't look forward to hot chocolate while going on a hay ride or watching a football game? Hot chocolate becomes an increasingly popular beverage in the fall. One of the best carafes to use for hot chocolate is our SteelVac™ Essential Carafe. This carafe is available in three sizes, built with stainless vacuum insulation, and it's NSF listed, which means it's safe for dairy products. Read Don't Toss Out That Milk! Three Ways to Tell if Your Carafe is Safe for Dairy to learn more about why using NSF carafes are so important when serving dairy products.

**One of the biggest mistakes people make with hot chocolate is serving it in an airpot. While an airpot is great for holding large-volumes, it is not meant for dairy products and can actually damage the liners.


Cold Beer + Growler

'Tis the season for traditional Oktoberfest Marzens and Wiesns, hard cider beers, and pumpkin flavored brews. The best way to keep your beer chilled is by using our stainless vacuum Thermo-Craft™ Growler. This growler keeps your beverages cold for 12+ hours or hot for 4–6 hours. Crafted with a suction tight tether lid, it's easy for customers to take on the go. Our growlers can also be customized with a logo to help increase your brand awareness.

Whether you're ready to fall into pumpkin spice season, or are dreading the end of summer, the chilly weather will be here before you know it. This year, try serving your fall beverages in these servers so they stay fresh, remain hot, and taste delicious.

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