Three Easy Coffee Station Setups

Posted by Payton DeMaster on Feb 19, 2019 1:02:52 PM

Coffee stations are everywhere! Checking in at a hotel? Boom—hotel coffee station. Waiting at a hospital? Turn the corner and there's a coffee station. Attending an event at a convention center? Another coffee station. I'm sure you get the point...

So what's the best way to set up a coffee station so that it's practical, neat, and organized, yet sophisticated enough to make guests feel special?

Before setting up a coffee station, start with these three questions:
  1. How many people are you serving?
  2. Are you looking to serve just coffee or coffee and water?
  3. How often do you want to refill your coffee pots?

The coffee stations laid out below are mainly used for self-service coffee. Learn about the difference between self-service and behind-the-counter coffee service here

1. Basic Coffee Station 

Basic Setup

If you have limited space for a coffee station, or are looking to serve a small number of people, a basic coffee station with the essential equipment can easily be put together. 

Here's what you will need:

Coffee Airpot: A coffee-vessel that will keep your coffee warm for 4–6 hours (stainless-lined) or 6–8 hours (glass lined). Customers will be able to easily help themselves to a hot cup of coffee. We suggest putting two airpots out (one regular and one decaf).  

Drip Trays: The airpot drip tray will catch loose coffee that doesn't make it into a customers cup. This helps keep the bar clean.

Condiment Station: A condiment station is essential to store coffee bar items, and keep things looking organized. The APC5 Condiment Station has five compartments that can hold sugar packets, stir sticks, cups, lids, and creamers. 

Coffee Creamer: A vacuum insulated coffee creamer is great when setting up a coffee bar. It can keep the contents cold for up to eight hours, allowing you to leave it on the bar unattended.

2. Coffee and Hydration Station

Upscale Setup

Do you have a large space to use, and often feel that people are constantly coming and going? This is the coffee and hydration setup for you. This station allows your guests to get their caffeine and hydration needs all in one spot. Similar to the basic station, but with additional serving trays and a beverage dispenser. This advanced coffee setup helps you serve more people. 

In addition to the basic coffee bar station, here's what you will need:

Cold Beverage Dispenser: A cold beverage dispenser allows you to add a cold drink to your coffee station for those who may prefer water over coffee. Use an infuser tube to add in some fruit or herbs to add flavor and color to the drink. The CBDRT3BL Dispenser is an appealing and affordable option.

Serving Trays: Using trays within the setup is a great way to display cups and lids, and can help make the bar or counter look a little less cluttered. It also makes it really easy to refill the cups when they run out. 

3. Large-Volume Coffee Station 


Looking to serve a long large-volume event? It may be beneficial for you to forget the airpots, and upgrade to thermal containers. This station allows you to still serve quality coffee, but in a much larger vessel so you don't have to worry about running out right away.

Thermal Containers: This dispenser will serve a large number of people, keep the coffee hot for up to 6 hours, and make the clean-up process easy due to the removable drip tray. 

The coffee station that you decide is best for your establishment is based on the number of people you're serving, what beverages you're serving, and how often you want to refill your airpots or thermal containers. An organized coffee station can be setup with only four main pieces of equipment, saving you money and time. 

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